Monday – The Law of Giving and Receiving

I think I must have read Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success nearly 10 years ago. I read it, put it away never to look back. It wasn’t until I was taking yoga teacher training with Claire Diab that I finally found a way to approach this practice that worked for me. Claire told us to forget about reading the book cover to cover, she said, on any given day start your day off by reading the law of the day. Davidji chimed in explaining on the other days we didn’t even need to think of the other laws. Now ultimately I want to be living all the laws of success every day but when that is not possible I revert back to the law of the day. I have found this practice invaluable. When I am struggling in my day for whatever reason I sit quietly, think of the law of the day and the next right step always comes. I know it might sound a little hokey but trust me, it works.

Monday is the Law of Giving and Receiving. It speaks to our part of the universal flow of the abundance of love. Every person you meet today gift a smile, a nod, a recognition. After all, isn’t that what we all want, to be noticed, to be heard, to be understood. By recognizing another we are actually giving ourselves the opportunity to be recognized too. By giving and accepting a gift we are circulating and creating love.

Om Vardhanam Namah – I am the nourisher of the universe, and the universe nourishes me. The Anahata Chakra – the Heart Chakra is associated with this law. Sit quietly, think, feel or imagine a beautiful emerald green before your eyes. Take a deep breath in and when you release the breath, say the sound YUM. This vibrational tone with help open your heart chakra. In your yoga practice today include Sphinx, Cobra, King Cobra or Bow pose to open the heart. As our heart opens it will allow in more love which chases away fear.

Go make this a great day.

Sending abundant love to you,

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