Tuesday – The Law of Karma

Everybody is worried about “karma”. I’m not sure I understand why. Karma is not something done to you. In fact, in Sanskrit (a beautiful ancient language) “Karma” means action. So what on earth does it mean when someone says to you “wow, you’ve got bad karma”? In this lifetime we create our karma. Some believe we get to work out our karmic debt from past lives. I’m not sure about that so I just try to concentrate on making decisions that have no residual karmic debt.

What we put out into the world is what comes back to us. If we want abundant love we should give abundant love. If we want financial success, we should help others achieve it too. If we want others to do more for us, perhaps we should be doing more for others. And because it’s an action, we have to become more aware of the choices that we make throughout our day and the consequences of those choices. Unfortunately, we are a species that is driven by emotion. Whereas we would hope for rational, logical decision making, it’s rarely what happens. We mostly think “I want” rather than “What are the consequences to me and others if I take this action”. I wonder how many of those actions would we actually take if we thought it through rationally and unemotionally. By the way, I’m sure that one way each of us would make better choices is by developing a consistent meditation practice. Stillness and silence helps us make different choices by quieting the “chatter”. I know we all want to make good choices that have a positive ripple out into the universe.

It is the Muldahara Chakra, the root chakra, that is associated with Deepak Chopra’s Law of Karma from “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” Om Kriyam Namah – My actions are in alignment with cosmic law. When energy is flowing freely in this chakra, we feel grounded, able to take care of our basic needs. Close your eyes and imagine the color red. The vibrational tone for the first chakra is LAM. Take a deep breath in and release the breath saying LAM.

Now, some of you are thinking, “how do I apply this in my life:? Well, just for today, put your attention on your intention of noticing your choices. Think about the consequences of those choices and feel that choice in your body. Does it go unnoticed? Probably a good indication to move forward in that direction. If there is a catch, however how small in your throat, your heart or your gut, you might want to rethink it.

That Guru we all search for is inside of us. GURU= gee you are you.. (thanks davidji) Trust it! Our bodies tell us everything we need to know about life if we listen.

Sending much love to all of you,

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