Wednesday – The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort tells us that everything is as it is meant to be in this moment. We look to accept things as they occur and ask ourselves how we contributed to make it so. Take responsibility for your situation and all situations seen as problems. Let go of having to defend yourself and your beliefs.

WOW! I needed this today. Especially the part that reminds me to take responsibility for my part of the situation. As the result of a falling out with my father a few years ago, I’m no longer included on my family’s (brothers and sister and families) thanksgiving trip. We started taking this trip 30 years ago. I haven’t gone the last 3. I woke up this morning with the sadness that comes each year when I think about them all being somewhere without me. And then, the universe provided for me as it always does. I have to remember that the falling out was a result of me speaking my truth. As a result of not backing down from what I believed, I gained my freedom to truly be my authentic self. What this law creates for me is a way to be powerful in my life rather than being a victim to anyone or life itself. This power actually comes from accepting responsibility for creating this situation in the first place, consciously or not. And now, sitting here, typing this out, the sadness has lifted too. I’m able to focus on what I do have rather than what is missing. I have a lovely holiday dinner planned with people I love and that love me back unconditionally. I am thankful for the abundance of love in my life for it sustains me.

Om Daksham Namah – My actions achieve maximal results with minimal effort.

The Law of Least Effort is tied to the Svadhistana Chakra, the 2nd Chakra known to be the seat of creativity and sexual energy. Close your eyes. Think, feel, imagine the color orange. The vibrational tone is VAM. Inhale and release your breath saying VAM.

As you go about your day today practice acceptance, take responsibility for your life and let go of the need to defend your point of view. It’s all your personal illusion anyway, isn’t it?

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